Gin Botanicals and Garnishes

Laura Mountstevens


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Gin Botanicals and gin garnishes are something that you get when you go to a posh bar or maybe with a cocktail?..... Well think again!

As the G&T grows ever more popular people are looking into ways to be creative and explore and experiment to make their own perfect Gin and tonic.

One way to do this is with Botanicals - Not Botanicals that are the core ingredients individual to each distiller, but the botanicals that you can add to your own glass!!


Not only do these make your drink look like a piece of art but they also let you add your own punch of your favourite flavours to each glass and really make an individual drink just for you.

Some botanicals are already blended and ready to go, But if your inner mixolagist comes out to play and you want to show off to your friends and family you an buy them separately and mix them up according to your own tastes!

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The oxi gin Infusions are great to get started with, as they have already been hand picked to compliment each other and give you a real idea as to what tastes suits you. My personal favourite is the spiced ginger and the grapefruit zing, however some tastes suit more sweeter notes such as the peach tea and the raspberry blush. I can imagine sitting out in the summer with the BBQ on having a good time with friends with an amazing glass of my favourite G&T made even better with these infusions getting the oohhs and ahhhs from everyone as to how amazing my drink looks! It is certainly a talking point at any dinner party and a must try for any gin lover! -just imagine all the instagram pictures you can post!



However if you do decide you want to buy them separately and really get serious with your experiments then you certainly can, there as many starter kits to kick you off, and once you get into the swing of it you can source your own individual ingredients and even have a look in your garden there are some amazing floral recipes that you can try or even start growing your own!


Have a look at the Gin Queens Top Gin garnishes to try and get you started! Click Here


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Written By Laura Mountstevens for Tin of Gin

All opinions are my own and not indorsed by anyone.








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