Gin of the month October 2017 - Brokers Gin

Laura Mountstevens




For this month I have chosen a gentleman in the trade -a gin that wears its top hat of sophistication with pride.  Brokers gin



Broker’s Gin was created by brothers Martin and Andy Dawson in the late 1990s. Gin is the only spirit that historically has been produced in England For that reason, they chose a theme for the brand that would be recognised for its Englishness – a gentleman wearing a bowler hat. Such a gentleman would typically have been a stockbroker in the City of London, hence the name “Broker’s” for the brand. Every bottle of Broker’s Gin is topped with a miniature plastic bowler hat.

 Made from simple, traditional ingredients -no gimmicks, secrets herbs or spices-  it is just good gin!

The recipe itself is allegedly over 200 years old and all of the botanicals are steeped for 24 hours in a quadruple-distilled neutral grain spirit made from 100% English wheat

It is batch distilled using traditional botanicals such as Juniper, coriander seed, cinnamon, cassia bark, liquorice, orris root, orange and lemon peel, angelica root and Nutmeg. The end result is a classic old school gin, semi-sweet on the tongue with an interesting mixture of liquorice, spicy Juniper and sweet citrus.





 ( a picture of the copper still used by Brokers, it has a name-Constance!)


Tasted neat, the juniper flavour jumps on your palate, with more citrus and some peppery spice. The mouth feel is a bit heavy and oily, coating the tongue as the flavours work their way around the mouth. Throughout it all, Broker’s remains very smooth and drinkable. It finishes very warm and lingers on the tongue with a bit of spice. So predominant in Juniper, yet so perfectly balanced with exactly the right amount of citrus, a touch of liquorice sweetness and an excellent amount of cinnamon spice



Mixed into a martini Broker’s Gin holds its own. While some new flashy style gins are quite popular these days, for me, nothing makes a martini quite like a London Dry style gin and brokers ticks my box for this everytime! - however To compensate for Broker’s relatively high proof (47%), I stir with ice a bit longer than usual to get the proper dilution.  It's clean and crisp yet smooth at the same time but this is so well balanced, so complex it's amazing, especially considering it's based on a classic recipe.  It has a simple clean flavour and although I prefer this gin with a martini mixed with your favourite tonic and a slice of lemon or lime it certainly makes a refreshing clean crisp drink that’s appeases any gin lovers pallet.



Brokers gin is recognised highly among critics and has won many awards-It is a frequent winner at London gin masters I think it is the classic style of this gin that wins many people over, its everything you expect a London dry gin to be but with a finish that lingers on your tastebuds like a memory of your favourite bit of steak! Try it and I am sure you will not be disappointed

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Author Laura Mountstevens for tin of gin

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