Plymouth Gin - Gin of the month September 2017

                            Welcome to our very first Gin of the Month!


For our very first Gin of the month review I have chosen a gin very close to my heart


                                                    PLYMOUTH GIN


 This gin has always been a favourite with my mum dad and grandparents, I have always grown up with it at parties Christmas and other celebrations. I guess that’s why I hold such an affection for it as it triggers such happy memories, It was the very first gin I ever tried and I have loved it ever since.

Being From the south west in Devon this gin really is a part of my heritage and the United Kingdom alike.

Born between the tall ships sailing out of Plymouth- the home of the royal navy , Plymouth gin became the standard issue gin for many naval officers.



Plymouth and Plymouth gin can easily be called the experts in gin due to its links to the navy, The Navy has helped to shape what gin is today and this gin surely has had a big hand in this.                   

-The navy founded the aptly named ‘ navy strength gin,’ and Plymouth gin is rumored to have had an influence with this. Often sub-standard diluted gin was brought onboard the ships, It was soon found out that if gin was poured onto gunpowder and  the gun powder smoked or it failed to light then it was diluted gin ,however  if the gun powder still lit then it was proof the gin was at least 114 proof (or 57%ABV ) -the correct strength of navy gin.

It also produced the Gin Gimlet cocktail which was invented by a doctor on board a royal navy ship to ward off scurvy thanks to is rose lime cordial.

However most importantly on our travels around the world Quinine was found to be substance in the fight against malaria, although only in found small quantities tonic water gets its taste from the quinine added within.



Plymouth gin is still being made today using the same traditions where it has has been made since 1793- at the black friar’s distillery in Plymouth .It is one of the oldest distillery's still producing gin in the country and one of the oldest buildings in Plymouth, this spectacular building dates back to 1431 when it was a former Dominican Order monastery,  If you are ever down this neck of the woods then a distillery tour visit is a must to you itinerary ( I may have done it more than once!)  You can see how this gin was born and made throughout the years and for history lovers, you can indulge in a cocktail in the Distillery's historic bar 'The Refectory' which is believed to be the room where the Pilgrim Fathers spent their last night before setting sail for the New World.

  As well as its heritage with the royal navy it was also a brand of choice among most pubs and bars around the county and the staple gin for most cocktails being born around this era -and still is! You will be able to go to almost any bar and find Plymouth gin,and ask any mixoligist who will tell you that Plymouth gin is used as a base more than any other brand in most cocktails!

I love how versatile this gin is, the soft Dartmoor water it is made with makes this gin very smooth, smooth enough for a gin and tonic but easy to mix with anything else. Its popularity with cocktails is due to how well it mixes without losing that typical gin taste. It can be made into a summery citrus based drink or a bold funky cocktail. I find it more of an earthy taste then most gins, its not as "fresh" as some that have an overpowering dry citrus based aftertaste, I think for this reason that is why it is loved as being an easy drinker.

 I will always ensue that I have a bottle of Plymouth gin in my house and I am sure that the traditional and love for this gin will also rub off on my new growing family for generations to come!

You can find Plymouth gin in our Best of British tin where we didn’t have to think twice about including it as an honoring best of British gin.


For more information on Plymouth gin and the different gins it produces then visit







 Author Laura Mountstevens   Tin of Gin




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