How has gin become so on trend?

Laura Mountstevens


There is no denying that during 2017 Gin was the fastest growing spirit and the on trend drink of the year.

Sales of Gin hit the roof with over 43 million bottles of gin sold in the UK according to the Wine and spirit trade association.

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So why has Gin become so popular?

Distilleries have been popping up in the 1000’s with each creating their own stamp by moving away from the typical recipes and experimenting with lots of new ingredients creating lots of new and exciting flavours and blends giving us a more and diverse Gin and Tonic.

Us British have always been a proud nation and with Gin being part of our heritage and in our blood for generations we have embraced this and supported the Gin distilleries with loyalty and pride, Bringing back to us the taste and the quality of gin to our lives.

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Supporter or not of Brexit it has almost defiantly had and impact - with people now more aware and in tune with supporting buy local and made in the UK produce. The market for homegrown ethical and locally sourced products has been huge. Before you would only really associate maybe craft beer or cider with this trend but then along came gin! Hurrah!


You can walk into any bar now and where you would really only find a handful of market leader brands of Gin you can now find a selection of over 100 different types, With some bars setting themselves up predominately as a gin bars!


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The old traditional pubs sadly seem to be slowly dwindling away making way for trendy bars and clubs, cashing in on the trend of people now socializing after work and enjoying a a dining experience,  this has certainly made way for more people to be in a situation where they can experiment with the gins being sold and have a wider selection when it comes to ordering a drink and lets be honest once you have given them all a good try its hard to go back to the boring Vodka and Cokes!

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Its not just the pubs and bars that are cashing in on this, Never have you been able to go to a supermarket and be able to have such a huge selection on offer! Even though more people are more conscious of what they are buying around 80% of people still do the majority of their grocery shopping in a supermarket. Supermarkets certainly know their consumers and of course they are not likely to let this trend go unnoticed!

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It is also very easy to make your own home made gin or ‘ bathtub gin ‘ as its called.

Gin can only be called gin with the addition to Juniper berries, but any thing else you add to it is your choice! So go out foraging and find yourself some lovely elder flower, damsons or sloes! Sloe gin is amazing especially when homemade!


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Well however and what ever has caused this oubreak of Ginners I am certainly one of them, and even if it is just a fad I think that I have and will always have found my life long drink of choice.

So keep up the good work at the gin distilleries! And if you are thinking of making your own you go for it you will not regret it! Check out this page for some great recipes click here 


Author Laura Mountstevens 

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8th January 2018 




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