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Tin of Gin

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A lovely little trio of Edinburgh Gin Liqueur gift set containing three of their most popular flavours -Raspberry, Rhubarb & Ginger & Elderflower.

It comes in a neat little packaged white embossed, branded presentation box. 



  • 1 x Raspberry Liqueur 50ml   Perthshire is celebrated for producing the most flavoursome soft fruit, and our raspberries come from a family-owned farm in Alyth, Blairgowrie. 

    The fruit is picked at peak ripeness to ensure the perfect balance; promising just the right amount of sweetness to balance the fruit’s natural tartness. Then Infused are freshly-picked fruit from their classic Edinburgh Gin along with sugar, leaving the berries to macerate for a month to extract maximum flavour. 

 This 20% ABV liqueur is delicious served simply over ice, or added to soda water with a twist of lemon to enhance its summery sweetness. It’s a perfect addition to dry Prosecco, or shaken together with Edinburgh Gin, lime juice and muddled fresh raspberries, then top with rose lemonade in a Ramblin’ Raspberry Rose cocktail.


  • 1 x Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur 50ml 

    A mainstay of kitchen gardens across Scotland and intensely flavoured, rhubarb is the ideal ingredient for a sweet gin liqueur.Freshly picked spring-crop rhubarb is spiked with Oriental ginger and infused with our classic Edinburgh Gin. The rhubarb and spice are left to steep for four weeks, allowing for the complex flavours to marry together. The sweetly-spiced notes of our Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur make the perfect addition to a classic Bramble. This aromatic gin liqueur is equally at home over ice, topped up with chilled Prosecco, or mixed with ginger ale, garnished with fresh ginger and a lime twist.



  • 1 x Elderflower Liqueur 50ml  

    One of their trio of firm favourite gin liqueurs, Edinburgh Gin’s Elderflower Liqueur is distilled using the best native ingredients, locally sourced from the rural landscapes which surround Edinburgh. Subtle yet complex, this floral liqueur is made with freshly-picked elderflowers.

    Elderflowers have a distinctive floral aroma and flavour that marry beautifully with gin botanicals. The summer’s elderflowers are handpicked in full bloom and then infused with their classic Edinburgh Gin. The flowers are then left to macerate for a month for full flavour extraction.

     20% ABV Elderflower Liqueur brings a light, floral profile. It is a honeyed, flavourful libation that’s an ideal counterpoint to sharper flavours, and makes a refreshing Elderzest cocktail when paired with gin, lemonade and fresh mint. It makes a sweet addition to good quality tonic water or Prosecco, and is equally enjoyable served over ice.



ABV 20%

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