JJ Whitley Gin and Vodka gift set

Tin of Gin

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Okay so you came for gin, but lets mix it up a bit and add some Vodka -its basically gin with out the Juniper berries and Botanicals!
This lovely quad from JJ Whitley contains x2 gins and x2 vodkas. The nettle Gin  is delishous and the potato Vodka is a must try!
All bottle ate 50 ml and come in a neat little box- perfect as a gift or to put out on display.
This set contains:
  • x1 Potato Vodka, An almost dairy-like creaminess, highlighted by subtle, yet distinctive notes of white grapes and the lingering crunch of green apple.


  • x1Rhubarb Vodka, Sweet rhubarb dominates the nose and coats the palate with a balance of sweetness, with hints of fresh basil.


  • x1 Elderflower Gin, Candied sweetness dominated by the unmistakable punch of elderflower with flicks of grassiness, orange blossom and honey.


  • x1 Nettle Gin, Heavy herbaceous aromas open out into a fresh light, zingy kick, bound together with a gentle sweetness. As the freshness of nettle disperses, the palate is left with an unmistakable and somewhat nostalgic finish of a classic gin.

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