Whitley Neill Gin Miniature Gift Set

Tin of Gin

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A neatly packaging Whitley Neill Gin gift set which contains the following miniature Gins.

1 x Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger - 50ml   (43% ABV)
1 x Whitley Neill Quince - 50ml  (43% ABV)
1 x Whitley Neill snall batch gin- 50ml (43% ABV)


The small batch gin was inspired by Johnny’s South African wife, from the Baobab tree logo, known as the ‘Tree of Life’ on the bottle to the taste of the Baobab fruit and Cape gooseberries (both local to South Africa) shining throughout. A tangy and complex gin that works especially well in a martini.

This Quince Gin is inspired by the family's taste for adventure and discovery and is made using a blend of Persian herbs and Turkish quince juice, leaving a flavour bursting with stone fruits and is dominated by the unmistakable quince flavour, culminating in a long and fruity finish.

Finally, the evocative Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin is infused with the essence of rhubarb and extracts of real ginger giving it both a tart crispness and spicy, warming character.

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